Our Relief Partners


Slumabad is a project of Pakhiwas Welfare Society, a Lahore-based organization, working on the empowerment, welfare, and support of Pakhiwas (gypsy and nomad) children in Pakistan. It aims to build a world where the life, values, and culture of Pakhiwas people are appreciated and are able to exercise their rights as equal citizens in all spheres of life. In these difficult times, they have shifted gears to combat the impact of Coronavirus spread and the ensuing lockdown on the Pakhiwas community. As daily wage earners, many Pakhiwas people have lost their jobs and income. Slumabad, as a community-led grassroots organization, believes it is their duty to look out for the children they work with and their families, advocating for and providing them access to basic hygiene, relief, and ration supplies.

Corona Solidarity Campaign

Corona Solidarity Campaign is an Islamabad-based mutual aid and advocacy platform focused on protecting daily wage earners & vulnerable families from Covid-19. Various community organizers, civil society members and others have come together to provide assistance to those who find themselves in an increasingly vulnerable position because of Covid-19 especially daily wage earners and those living in katchi abadi. Their primary focuses are ration disbursement in areas of Islamabad/Rawalpindi and PPE provision to health care workers across the country.

Mirwais Kakar

Mirwais Kakar, hailing from Ziarat, Balochistan, is a finance student and human rights activist. During this Covid19 pandemic, he mobilized relief for communities in district Ziarat, Balochistan, an already underserved and underdeveloped area. Along with a team comprising of his friends, Mirwais has been involved in Covid-19 awareness efforts and ration provision drives in Ziarat. In their efforts so far, they have reached out to 160 families with ration packs including all essential food and hygiene items. They want to expand their efforts into remote villages around the areas and focus on Ramzan related efforts to ensure the most vulnerable are looked after in Ziarat.

Aroon Athur

Aroon Arthur is a Lahore-based activist and death penalty abolitionist. While he is affiliated with a number of social work initiatives, he is the director of a prisoners rehabilitation organization, Redemption Pakistan, and the Editor In-Chief of magazine Awaz-e-Silasil. With the onset of Covid-19, he has been providing food relief to almost 600 families, especially the Christian community and daily wage earners. His goal is to reach another 2000 families in the coming weeks.

Humanity First

Humanity First Pakistan (HFPK) is a non-governmental organization that works for the betterment of the underprivileged persons of the country. What started as a relief campaign for the victims of the devastating earthquake of 2005, HFPK has since been involved in various developmental projects across Pakistan. During the current Covid-19 crisis, our organization is working to provide support for both private and government healthcare facilities through supply of face masks, hand sanitizers and PPE gear. Additionally, we are providing food rations to thousands of families that have been affected by the current lock down in the country and have lost their only source of income.


Karachi Bachao Tehreek

COVID-19 Workers Solidarity Campaign is a relief campaign initiated by Karachi Bachao Tehreek (Movement Against Evictions) to help laborers and daily wagers against the impending threat of evictions during this difficult time and to equip frontline healthcare workers tirelessly fighting COVID-19 without Personal Protective Equipment (PPE Kits).

Through our campaign, we are providing PPEs to medical and paramedical staff in hospitals in Karachi, Hyderabad, Gadap, Kathore and are providing rent relief to families in Karachi’s working-class neighborhoods.