A Note from the Organizers

Inspired by the remarkable Pictures for Elmhusrt initiative in New York, we decided to mobilize art for relief causes in Pakistan where the numbers of Covid-19 cases are exponentially growing and along with it the casualties arising from the resulting economic fallout.

Our vision is simple: art as aid. In these difficult times where normalcy is obstructed and uncertainty reigns our days, art is what sustains us. Whether that is a calming melody or a comforting novel, we all find ourselves turning to art in search of solace when we are met with the magnanimity of hardship. We want to take this healing quality of art a step further and help sustain those most vulnerable around us in this unprecedented social moment—how magical that in sharing our love for art, we will be channeling relief to those who need it most. We are pleased to present a beautiful collection of work, entrusted to us by a supremely talented and generous group of contemporary Pakistani artists. Our artists reside and work in different parts of the world, and our inventory reflects their rich experiences and standing in the global art community. We thank them all from the bottom of our hearts for rallying together for this initiative with such fervor. Needless to say, none of this would have been possible without their donations and larger support. We can't wait to see which of their creations you fall in love with.

We are also thrilled to have our relief partners on board; a number of fantastic, diverse grassroots initiatives and organizations working tirelessly in Pakistan to combat Covid-19’s impact. They will receive all proceeds from our sales to further their noble agendas in the interest of various marginalized geographies and communities of Pakistan including our health care professionals on the front lines. We are deeply grateful not only for their cooperation and support, but for leading the way in safeguarding the humanity of those most vulnerable as well as inspiring those around them to join their call to action. They are without doubt the best amongst us.

We would also like to thank Islamabad-based art consultant and curator, Zara Sajid, for her tremendous outreach support, and the wonderful team at Tech Titans Pakistan for powering our website.

We sincerely hope and pray for your safety & offer our deepest gratitude for championing this cause.

In Solidarity,

Seyhr Qayum
Naeha Rashid
Zuneera Shah